Fishing trips and courses

Hyvinvointi Sampo offers different kind of fishing trips and courses at Kuhmo, Finland. We have multiple awesome rivers near our headquarters. Our speciality is fly fishing for trout and grayling. We have dozens of rivers and over hundred rapids where to fish and most of them are full of wild brown trouts and graylings. We always  recommend to get a guide when you come to fish in our waters because the huge variety of our waters.

Kuhmo´s rivers are all free from dams, that is one of the reasons why we have top quality brown trout and grayling fishing. You can say that Kuhmo is a paradise for a fly fisher who enjoy to fish brownies and graylings. Different rivers and even rapids have their own high seasons. The time of the year, water level, water temperature, insect hatches etc have their own effect on which rapid will be on it´s best.

Our brown trouts size varies, average size usually is between 45 – 50cm. We have really good chances to get +60cm brownies and sometimes you can even break the +70cm mark. There are also big graylings in our rapids, we get a lot of +40cm graylings and even sometimes those big ones, over +50cm.

Please contact our fishing guide: / puh: +358 44 745 2256

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